Committee Structure


Committee Member




Secretary for Economy and Finance

Lei Wai Nong

Acting Chairperson

Director of the Macao Government Tourism Office

Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes

Members of the government representatives

Representative of the Secretariat for Economy and Finance

Casimiro de Jesus Pinto

Representative of the Secretariat for Social Affairs and Culture

Leong Veng Hang

Representative of the Secretariat for Security

Lin Heng Chi

Representative of the Secretariat for Transport and Public Works

Vong Man Kit

Representative of the Macao Government Tourism Office

Cheng Wai Tong

Representative of the Macao Government Tourism Office

Hoi Io Meng

Representative of the Macau Customs

Lei Iok Fai

Representative of the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies

Vong Chuk Kwan

Representative of the Cultural Affairs Bureau

Cheang Kai Meng

Representative of the Labour Affairs Bureau

Wong Chi Hong

Representative of the Macao Economic and Technological Development Bureau

Tai Kin Ip

Representative of the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute

U U Sang

Representative of the Municipal Affairs Bureau

Lo Chi Kin

Representative of the Civil Aviation Authority

Pun Wa Kin

Representative of the Consumer Council

Leong Pek San

Members of the industry representatives

Representative of the Macau Hotel Association

 Cheong Cheok Kio (Acting representative Luis Alexandre Cortez Da Cunha De Heredia)

Representative of the Macau Hoteliers and Innkeepers Association

Cheung Kin Chung (Acting representative Chan Sio Fai)

Representative of the Macau Hotel Employees Association

Tam Peng Kong (Acting representative Lei Pou Loi)

Representative of the Association of Macau Tourist Agents

Luo Qun (Acting representative Tang Ka Man)

Representative of the Travel Industry Council of Macau

Wong Fai (Acting representative Ho Chak Meng)

Representative of the Macau Travel Agency Association

Cheong Chi Man (Acting representative Leong Sio Pan)

Representative of the Macau Tourist Guide Association

Lo Lucas (Acting representative Wu Wai Fong)

Representative of the United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macau

Tong Kai Chung (Acting representative Lo Kam Kuan)

Representative of the Association of Retailers and Tourism Services

Yip Wing Fat Frederick (Acting representative Lo Wang Chun)

Representative of the Associação dos Comerciantes e Operários de Automóveis de Macau

Leng Sai Hou (Acting representative Leng Weng I)

Representative of the Macau Convention & Exhibition Association

Song Xiaodong (Acting representative Poon Yiu Wing Irwin)

Representative of Macau International Airport Company Ltd.

Lo Chung Yee (Acting representative Mou In Lai)

Representative of Air Macau Co, Ltd.

Zeng Hualiang (Acting representative Liao Hanxi)

Representative of Macau Urban Transportation Co. Ltd.

Li Qijian (Acting representative Mao Qian)

Representative of Macau Collective Transportation Co. Ltd.

Fang Liqun (Acting representative Leung Mei Leng)

Representative of Shun Tak-China Travel Ship Management (Macau) Limited

Ng Sio In (Acting representative Hong Yu Han Anna)

Representative of Cotai Ferry Co. Ltd.

Lam Mccartney Kam Leng (Acting representative Wong Ying Kit Alex)

Representative of Yuet Tung Shipping Co., Ltd.

Cheng Jie (Acting representative Mao Yu)

Representative of Macao Light Rapid Transit Corporation, Limited

Ho Cheong Kei (Acting representative Chow Wai Tak Peter)

Individuals appointed


Leong On Kei


Wong Yu Yan Irene


Wong Ying Wai


Kong Mei Fan


Lui Yiu Tung Francis


Lam Chong In


Chen Chih Ling Linda


Chan Melinda Mei Yi


Fong Kin Fu


Cheung Chiu Hang Raymond


Wong Yeuk Lai Alan


Sio Un I


Chan de Noronha Weng Kit


Chung Yuk Man


Wu Keng Kuong